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Refresh Your Resume for 2014

  The resume as we know it is dead! In the past, an updated resume consisted of adding a new position, a new job title, or updating additional responsibilities. Today’s job market demands more than a few lines and some added duties. Resumes still play a major role as one of your staple career communication documents. In this case, refresh simply means saying something old in a new and relevant way with current market language to showcase your value. Your resume is your marketing brochure, and it should be fresh at all times. Here are seven ways refresh your resume: Delete Your Home Address. Don’t want to tell where you live? Then don’t. It is completely appropriate to just put your name, email address, and cell phone number on your resume. Today’s professionals pursue career opportunities without zip code boundaries. With cloud technology, one can work

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Leveraging 2014 Top Personal Branding Trends

  For the past several years, William Arruda, personal brand guru and Founder of 360 Reach, has delivered his top personal branding trends for savvy professionals who want to be on brand point in their career endeavors. This list is good to help you assess your current brand and create a branding strategy that will help you achieve your branding goals. Ideally, putting them all into play could be good for your career; realistically, however, you may not be able to implement them all at once. A suggestion is to identify the top three trends for immediate implementation and create a personal branding goal strategy to help implement the other choices. Here are my top 3 picks for 2014: Mobile Business Cards: Sites like offer free to low-cost mobile apps that allow you to have a virtual business card. This saves from having to order business cards and

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Increase Your Digital Presence & Curate Content

  Let’s face it; social media has infiltrated our professional lives at warp speed. To top it off, professional networking sites like LinkedIn almost insist that we use our profile site as a primary branding tool to attract and grow rich networks. Here are some tips to help you increase your digital presence and curate content that will broaden your audience reach and strengthen your online networks: Engage with your Network. Don’t be a sideline watcher. Share, comment, and post on relevant information that is in alignment with your expertise. Add value by sharing your expertise via group discussions or start a discussion topic. In this way, people get to experience you in a way that extends beyond your static profile. Manage your online reputation. What are you known for within your professional circle? Are you a thought leader, a subject matter expert, or a rock star? Whichever

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