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7 Ways to be Relevant for Today’s Job Market

I had the honor of attending an Executive Roundtable event recently. The panelist were a cross representation of high profile executives in Sciences, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Insurance and Pharmaceutical industries.

The wonderful visual about the panel was a good representation of women and men so it was a clear reminder the playing field is open to talented professionals. Aside from what I saw, I was more impressed by what they shared about their paths to their career rise. The #1 take-a-way for me was to be Relevant in today’s marketplace!

Here are some nuggets of career planning wisdom:

1.   Evaluate your marketplace and industry to identify growth trends and look for more understanding of the global marketplace and environments. The only way to stay relevant is to know what’s happening in your industry today. Industry leaders actually set the trends and stay ahead of what is happening today.

2.   Build and leverage a network of the right people. You need to build a live network and an online presence to communicate your personal brand. Networking also leads to you sharing ideas with colleagues and getting new insights.

3.   Take on an “unglitzy” challenge where you and your skills can shine. Do the work no one else wants to do to prove your dedication and make a positive impression.

4.    Get uncomfortable with being comfortable. When you get too comfortable you stop growing. You have to continue to grow if you want to excel professionally. Leaders are always changing and remain dynamic. Comfort does not lead to innovation which can also stunt your growth.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

5.   There are no turning points in your career but lots of course corrections. Be sure you learn from those course corrections so that you can propel yourself even further into what you want to do and where you want to be professionally.

6.   Have a level of integrity. Be honest and consistent. This alone will get you noticed in a positive way.

7.   Learn from your mistakes, growth occurs when you get the lesson. Even more growth occurs when you mentor others and pass on what you’ve learned to the next generation.


At the end of the evening, I felt as if I just had a good cup of coffee and a clearer understanding of how I could happen into my career instead of it happening to me.

What other suggestions would you have for staying relevant? Comment below!

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