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Career Management Coaching

A Career Coach is your career partner that works with you to get clarity and identify your authentic self so you can align “who you are” with “what you want to do” resulting in identifying career possibilities.

One-on-One Sessions- 50 min conversations via phone to discuss needs and create next steps

Skills & Values Assessment- core skills, values and motivations identification through assessment tools.

Resume Writing

Your resume is the often the first impression a potential employer has of you. You are the product that you are marketing!

Are you getting response from your target audience?

Does it showcase your accomplishments and bottom-line performance metrics?

Do you have a professional branded statement?

If you answered NO to the above questions, then allow us to do a Free Resume Review and we can give you feedback, if necessary, on content that can differentiate you from others in your profession.

Writing services include:

  • Telephone consultation about your career goals, achievements and direction
  • Client needs assessment
  • Profession and industry research
  • A resume emailed to you within seven business days
  • Final version presented in Microsoft Word, ASCII text and PDF format