Welcome to On The Move Careers!

Personal Branding Coaching

In the Career Planning process, we work with you to identify and strategize your next career move!! Whether you are in career transition or positioning for that promotion, we help you map out a career direction, overcome obstacles and develop a personal career plan that works for you! You can expect to use current strategy methods that put you on the fast track to fulfillment and career success!

4-One-on-One Sessions include:
Career Exploration – professions, industries and direction includes assessment tools .
Professional Branding-what are you known for
Job Search Strategy- plan of action with marketing focus
Social Networking- on-line networking tools

Interview Coaching:

So, you resume has gotten you an invitation for the “Interview”, are you ready?

How do you handle the question:

Tell me about yourself?

Do you know what you want and what you have to offer?
How do you substantiate and support your expertise?
What will make them hire you TODAY?
How do you communicate your ROI ( return on investment)?
Where are the future trends for your industry/profession?

If you found the above questions challenging to answer then, Interview Coaching, could help you to anticipate and prepare for interview topics so you can come across as informed, confident and current with job information. We can help you develop interview techniques to move you from an interrogation to collaboration conversation!

3 One-on-One Sessions include:

Mock Interview Practice
Learn how to meet their expectations
Learn to leverage skills for negotiation
Use story telling formats