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Does Your Life Suck Because of the Work You Do?

Do you know that the phrase, “help me I hate my job” gets searched over 30,000 times a month in Google?

Obligation is a powerful thing. You can trick your mind into feeling obligated to do things you despise for decades. Although it is common, it is not healthy. If you put as much effort into finding a career path or job you like as you do into keeping the job you despise, you might surprise yourself and figure out exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing. People say they feel trapped or stuck at the jobs they hate. My question is whose fault is that? Sure you have to pay the bills but is that the only way you can think of to pay the bills? My guess is no.

Hate my job

This post is about to be brutally honest but you need to think about the real reasons behind why you are at a job you hate instead of the justifications (a.k.a. reasonable sounding excuses) you have been using to remain trapped at your job.

You’re Lazy. Most people are lazy. When it is time to do stuff that really matters like lose weight or get a better job, they say things like, “I don’t have time” or “I don’t have enough energy.” Did you ever stop to think that the reason you don’t have any energy is because the job you are working at is sucking the life out of you? People who love their work feel energized after work. People who don’t feel the opposite effect.

You’ve always done what’s safe. Humans have proven over and over again that fear is one of the best tools you can use to control someone. People who liberate themselves from work that they hate often wonder what exactly they were afraid of in the first place. Are you afraid that you are going to totally love your life? Chances are you are afraid of doing the work that is required to get the results you desire. Change is perceived as a scary thing when it’s really quite empowering. Stop saying, “help me I hate my job” and start saying “I love my job.”

You Need the Money. This is what I don’t understand. People who do what they love make more money. People who don’t do what they love work too hard or don’t make enough money. You should be on the opposite end of this spectrum and you could be if you changed your thinking.

do what you love

When it comes to work and money, we sometimes confuse practicality with insanity. If you do the same thing over and over again, you are going to get the same result. You will continue to say, “help me I hate my job” until you do something different. This information alone can be hard to take but if I am inspired to write it then someone really needs to read it. A practical first step would be to visit the events page to learn about the free virtual workshops I host. By simply focusing your energy on something related to transitioning and finding a job you love, you will open your mind to new possibilities and ultimately a new life.

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