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Let’s face it; social media has infiltrated our professional lives at warp speed. To top it off, professional networking sites like LinkedIn almost insist that we use our profile site as a primary branding tool to attract and grow rich networks.

Here are some tips to help you increase your digital presence and curate content that will broaden your audience reach and strengthen your online networks:

Engage with your Network. Don’t be a sideline watcher. Share, comment, and post on relevant information that is in alignment with your expertise. Add value by sharing your expertise via group discussions or start a discussion topic. In this way, people get to experience you in a way that extends beyond your static profile.

Manage your online reputation. What are you known for within your professional circle? Are you a thought leader, a subject matter expert, or a rock star? Whichever it is, it’s up to you to set the standards. Other professionals can refer and/or recommend you based on their extended or limited experience of you. Free sites like measure your influence against the impact made by other influencers in your network.

Stay important and relevant. It’s the key to success in your industry and your profession. There are ongoing webinars on any given day that you can access to enrich your professional development. When you sign up, take the opportunity to announce to your network that you are attending. Tweet, post pictures, and share tips from your experience. Write a brief blog or do a slide presentation via to share your quick application tips.

Tailor your news via LinkedIn Pulse. Choose news channels based on your professional interests and share articles as a status update, in a group, or with an individual. This is fantastic way to curate news from a variety of reputable sources. Sharing at least once each week will get you 10 times more views to your LinkedIn profile. This alleviates having to come up with your own content, and you can pick and chose when and where to share.

Google your name. Find out what’s out there about you. More than 81% of employers say they will Google perspective candidates. Even though you cannot remove anything from the Internet, you can replace old information with new information. A good place to start is to customize your LinkedIn public address. That will move you to the top of the Google search results. Sites like can help you discover what other kind of information is out there about you.

The bottom line is that your digital presence can make or break your brand and influence how others perceive you. It can open or close doors for career opportunities. It is always working 24/7.

How do you manage your digital presence?

Stay on point, on task, and on the move!


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