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Standing out and getting noticed during a job hunt requires a combination of the tried, true, and modern strategies. Technology is a wonderful thing and today’s job hunter should be prepared by using their own common sense and leveraging the most up to date tools possible.

Today we are going to explore a few of those tools to help you take your personal brand and career to the next level!

Quick Response Code (QR Code)
You may have seen these new scan-able codes around but did not know what they were. They are those little square boxes that are similar to barcodes. You can scan them with your cell phone to get more information about a business or a product. Did you know that you could also create your own QR code and include it on your resume or business card? Yep. You sure can! Why not create a QR code that goes to a page on your website, YouTube video, or video resume you have created? You can use to create your own QR code.


Online Profiles
Even if you aren’t tech savvy, the least you can do is create a profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is great because you can feature your resume on the site and also network with other professionals you know or would like to know in your industry. is a great site because it can serve as the glue between all of your online profiles. You can simply give people your address if you have multiple social profiles and you want people to go to one convenient profile to access everything. Finally, you can also use Vizibility which was listed above as a QR code generation tool. allows you to not only manage your virtual image across the web, it also generates a unique QR code you can give to colleagues and perspective employers that links to the best information about who are online.


Online Resume offers a fantastic online resume service for FREE! It takes information traditionally found on a written resume and really brings it to life. You can go from highlighting your sales results to including an interactive presentation that shows what you have accomplished. You can also include audio and video in your Visual CV for an even more dynamic experience. This will definitely make you stand out as a candidate if you are currently in the middle of a job hunt or are preparing to transition into a new career. Regardless of whether or not you resume is one dimensional or two dimensional, you still need to know what to highlight. Be sure to read our previous post about resume writing here.


Email Signature with WiseStamp
WiseStamp signature block sampleAlways remind people about who are and what you do with an email signature. Create a one line tagline that states your purpose, mission, or passion. An example might be, “helping you navigate the internet through video” if you are a video-based computer teacher. makes it really easy to create a signature that stands out with a logo as well.


Apps for Highlighting Your Specific Skills
One of the most important thing you can do is to own a web address that is an exact match to your name. This makes it very easy for search engines like Google to find you. Link that web address to a personal blog or online profile and you will have the opportunity to better manage and control your personal brand online. You can use a really easy to use blogging platform called Blogger at to set up a blog and register you unique web address.


Imagine the internet is a like real estate. If you want to have the nicest house on the block then there are certain things you have to do. In order to get your message across to as many people as possible you must use tools that are effective. It is also important that your online image matches up with the personal branding image you want people to associate with you in your daily life. The days of a job hunt without using the internet and leveraging technology are very few and in between. Technology and the aforementioned tools are wonderful. Use them to toot your own horn and get the job you desire!

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