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5 Resume Writing Tips They Don’t Want You To Know About

So you are looking for a job and competing with hundreds of other job candidates for that coveted position. You have your interview outfit ready and you’ve practiced what you will say during your interview a hundred times. You have experience, education, know-how, and absolutely no callbacks even though you have literally sent out over a dozen resumes. What is it? Is it your age? Is it your gender? Is it because you lack experience? The truth of the matter is, it could be a number of things. One thing for sure is that unless your resume stands out from everyone else, your chances of getting a callback are going to be slim.


There are a few resume writing tips you can use to combat this issue and get more job interviews.

Write About Your Accomplishments not Your Job Function

Many people make the mistake of simply listing what they do each day on their resumes. You should state this information on your resume so that employers can gauge what it is you do and how you can be of assistance to them in a more general way. Although a small amount of time should be dedicated to this on your resume, what needs to jump off the page is what makes you so special. What makes you spectacular? Come up with 3 to 5 accomplishments or professional awards you can list on your resume.

Try a Different Font

This little tip can help make your resume stand out and make it more visually appealing. Hiring managers usually see a sea of black, white, and Times New Roman. Use a different professional looking font like Garamond, Arial, or Tahoma to make your accomplishments jump off the page. Do not get too crazy with the fonts and realize that not every font is going to transfer over to other computers. The fonts mentioned above are safe to use and should transfer over well on other computer systems.

Get to the Point

You literally have seconds to impress potential employers. Get to the point. List any relevant information that pertains to your career goals and performance on your resume. Anything that is not relevant should not be included on your resume. Some people make the mistake of listing every job they have ever had on their resumes. Focus on the career and experiences that is related to what you are trying to accomplish today.

Freshen Up the Education Section

When was the last time you took a course or read a book that pertained to your industry? If the 1990s come to mind, then it was 12+ years ago. Take some new courses. Show that you are taking initiative and staying on top of trends in your field. If you are concerned about your age make yourself look younger by putting new information into your brain.

Hire a Professional Resume Writer

Do not feel you have to write your resume by yourself. There are professionally trained people who can help you make the right resume-writing decisions and give you more resume writing tips and advice that is ideal for your unique goals. Good resume writers will have an eye for style as well and be able to help you format your resume in a way that is visually appealing and effectively highlights your skills and accomplishments.

Resume writing should be done in a way that gets you callbacks and interviews. These resume writing tips will help you stand out from everyone else who is competing for the same position. Remember to edit your resume as well or have someone else look at it before submitting it to future employers.

What is the one thing about resume writing that bothers you the most? Comment by answering below.

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