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Can you believe we are in the middle of Spring season? Or to put it a little more in relation to time, it’s 5 months into our 12 month calendar year! Spring is viewed as a time to come out of the Wintery woes and see re-birth of all things possible!  We see flowers bloom, grass growing, nice weather and we see our surrounding in a new light! This allows us to start to look within ourselves to see the possibilities for our life, including our career!

This year still presents challenging issues for most professionals one way or the other. Layoffs continue, workloads increase with little to no support and acquisitions/mergers are still happening (etc.), leaving most of us to ponder on our careers situation, but no time and energy to do anything about it.

You may be asking what can I do given those considerations. Here are 4 short tips that can help shift you from thought to action.

1. Start asking yourself questions about your career.  Am I happy with my career? Do I love what I do? Are my skills current? Do I see my career future here?

2. From the comfort of your workstation, google your profession. Look for the latest information related to your field. Sign up for free professional newsletters so information will come  to you regularly and be in your visual & mental space.

3. Go to lunch with someone who is a fan of your work and have a career conversation. Exchange thoughts, information and ideas to see where the conversation takes you!

4. Sign up for our blog and stay current on all things career!

Hopefully the above short tips will get you to thinking about what’s next for you.

Spring is a noun but in the verb tense it also means to arise from some source, grow or develop!

Get into action! Stay on point, on task, on the MOVE!

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