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The “F” Word

Today, I’m denouncing the “F” word! You read it right. I know what you are thinking! It’s about time someone addressed the awkwardness the “F” word causes in the workplace.

It is used frequently in staff meetings, annual reviews and sometimes from customers. But the most hurtful thing about it, they are probably using it to describe you.

How annoying can it get, right?

Well, just like you, I feel that is not okay to just say the “F” word to anyone when they share something that should be acknowledged with a different word. The best responses should compliment and confirm the value one brings to a work environment, project or client resolutions.

Someone’s experience of you should be punctuated with brand personas like achiever, authority or entrepreneur or even words that identify your leadership competencies like visioning, evaluating and deciding. Maybe even attesting to your value in a team such as an administrator, creator or doer. Any of these would be great descriptors in agreeing on your value above and beyond the “F” word.

To get past the “F” word, you will need to do one simple thing – create a Personal Branding Strategy to help you do a self-exploration and analysis to gain clarity about your brand attributes. Sites like are a good starting point for brand discovery.

It’s time to get rid of the word “Fine” when it comes to the experience others have of you. Give vibrancy to the value you bring in all your professional relationships.

Define, Design and Brand into your brilliance!

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Vaneese Johnson Vaneese is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer and a Certified Career Action Coach with a passion for helping people be successful and strategic in every aspect of their career!  “I am passionate about working with professionals to help them create and focus on aligning their personal values, professional skills and goals within their careers and lives!” More about Vaneese...