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The Job Hunter’s Guide to Finding a New Career through Facebook

Most people think of LinkedIn when they think of online job hunting. LinkedIn is an amazing professional network you should have in your social media arsenal but Facebook is king in the social media world, even when it comes to finding a new job. If you are a career changer who has been at the same company for ten or more years, you probably are out of the loop when it comes to finding a job in today’s ever changing professional landscape.

Doing things the traditional way is definitely advisable but it is also wise to adapt to the times and use all of the tools you have available to you.

There are some pretty basic and old school principles you can apply to Facebook as well as using Facebook to research perspective companies. Most companies have a fan page on Facebook. Simply type your perspective company’s name into Facebook’s search box to see if the company’s Facebook page will come up. If it does, be sure to “Like” their fan page to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the company. There are some very important questions you should ask while analyzing the company’s Facebook page as well. The most important question you must ask is what image is the company trying to project through their fan page? Who are they targeting their fan page to? This will give you some insight into what type of job candidates the company is looking for.

Facebook for Professionals

The more friends you have the more connections you will be able to make. Search for people who are in your industry on Facebook as well. You can use Facebook’s search box to type in your profession and see which search results come up. If you find people who are in your industry send them a message. Let them know that you are in the same industry as them and would like to expand your professional network and are interested in getting a new job in the future. Realize that not everyone is going to be open to this. Some people prefer to keep their Facebook pages private and do not accept outside friend requests. All you can do is try.

Make sure your profile is up to date. Be active. Don’t just log on without making a contribution. If you are using Facebook for professional reasons, post relevant content about your industry. Another really smart move would be to launch your own public Facebook page for yourself. Use this to promote yourself professionally. This will get you noticed in the search engines. Use terms related to your job and industry in the description box of your fan page to get yourself noticed. You can use the book “Facebook Marketing for Dummies” if you need help figuring this out. If you’re really serious, run Facebook ads that promote your fan page to people who work at the companies you are interested in. Be sure to do a good job posting helpful and relevant information about your industry to get noticed. If someone sees how knowledgeable you are, this could lead to a new opportunity and a new job.

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