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Make a Fashion Statement at Work

Dressing for work is something that can add to the excitement of going to work. When you look good you feel good. Confidence is something that is instantly noticeable and will definitely make a statement. The other thing about confidence is that it spreads. If you are apparently confident in yourself then your supervisors will also be confident in your skills and abilities. Do not worry if you are challenged when it comes to fashion.

These tips will make you stand out and make a fashion statement at work too.

Clothes That Fit or Flow

You can don’t have to wear clothing that hugs your hips and figure if you don’t want to. That being said, there should definitely be a balance. If you are hiding behind clothes you are swimming in, this communicates a lack of confidence which is not good. Each person is different. If you like clothing that hugs your figure then make sure it is professional. Wearing a miniskirt to work is not appropriate but a nice fitted knee length pencil skirt will get you noticed in a positive way. If you like clothes that are more flowy and this matches your style then go for it! A word of caution about flowy clothing is not to overdo it. Wear one flowy piece at a time. Don’t wear a flowy top with a flowy skirt. This will make you look like you’re drowning in your clothes. You should wear your clothes. Your clothes should not wear you.


Fabric Choices

You can make your clothing pop by mixing and matching fabrics. Wear a cotton blazer with a colorful silk blouse to make a stylish and professional statement. You can wear an all black ensemble that includes different fabrics to make a statement was well. Think a black fitted leather jacket with a black silk blouse, cotton pants, and black batten leather pumps or ballerina flats. Add some pearls for a touch of white and you’re done!

Accessorize But Not too Much

Think of a nice bracelet you can wear one day. Consider a nice pin you can wear with another outfit on another. Over accessorizing will make you look unorganized and can be quite distracting. Keep it simple. Think of accessories that match the colors you are already wearing. You might even choose one colorful accessory to wear with more traditional colors like blue and black. For example if you are wearing a gray outfit you might wear a navy blue scarf for a pop of color.

There are several great retailers you might consider when looking for ready-made work ensembles as well. Black House White Market has a great site called with nice pieces and ensembles that are perfect for work. Search the web for ideas for more suggestions and tips to find your perfect work ensembles!

What do you find challenging about dressing nicely for work? Let us know in the blog comments.

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