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Signs You are Having a Career Identity Crisis

There is no doubt that our careers are also a part of identities and a very important part of our lives. Sadly for many people, their work is probably the most significant part of their existence. I won’t disagree with you and say that many feel a void before discovering their true purpose in life but there’s more to living than work. Don’t confuse who you are with your company or what you do.

Are you having a career identity crisis? Ask the following questions to find out:

How Do You Introduce Yourself to New Acquaintances?
Well, answer the question. What do you say? Do you say hello, my name is A and I am a B at XYZ? Do you feel a certain sense of pride at the very end when you mention who work for? If so, you might be confusing who you are as an individual with the perceived identity of the company you work for. There is no way you are your company. You might be a part of the company that makes your company great but you alone are not the company. Start unraveling this confusion by discovering what makes you great without the fancy title and company name.

Does Your Future and Happiness Depend on the Future of Your Company?
If you were laid off today do you know what you would do? Have rumors of layoffs started making their way around your office? It’s normal to feel nervous about this. It is definitely wise to have a plan B and a little money in the bank if you need it. If you feel like you don’t know who are or are unable to imagine what your life would be like without your job there’s a good chance that you are placing too much importance on work and not enough importance on life.

Name Three Things You Do Outside of Work?
Really. What do you do? Do you cook? Do you love going to plays or live events? Do you enjoy music? Are you a passionate foodie who loves taking pictures for your food blog? What do you do? Name three things that you are interested in or pursuing. If you can’t even think of interests then reflect on what you wanted to do when you were younger. Chances are you still want to do those things and have simply forgotten. Try to spice up your life by going on an experiential trip through Take a walking tour of your town or if you’re really adventurous take a race car driving lesson. Get out and live a little.

When Was the Last Time You Took Time Off or Took a Vacation?
If you don’t remember then you’re working too hard. People always make the excuse about not being able to take time off from work. Do you live to work or do you work to live? What are your priorities and what do you want out of life? Take a day off. The world will not end.

Do You Have Friends Outside of Work?
This is a true sign. If you don’t have one single friend outside of work or if you don’t see your friends outside of work then you have a very limited (or non-existent) social life. Join a gym. Take a dance class. Go to places where there are no people from work. See what happens. You might meet someone who totally changes your life.

Your personal brand must be developed if you want to be a dynamic person and not just person A who works for XYZ. You work hard and deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It can be difficult to take a break or step away from what you are doing when you are passionate.

One more question. Have you ever stopped to consider that your experiences outside of work will make you better at what you do?

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