We offer customized services to suit each individual or business. We use cutting-edge tools, expertise, and resources to design a coaching program that compliments and enhances the authentic you!

Our coaching programs combine insightful guidance andon-trend techniques to help you attain your career or businesses goals. All sessions are private, and delivered as a month-to-month package. Programs include, but are not limited to Career Planning, Career Management, Career Reinvention, and Business Coaching.

Personal Branding

Branding is about packaging and marketing yourself in a way that demonstrates the unique value you bring to professional relationships. We show you how to identify your brand and leverage it for new opportunities. All sessions are private, and delivered as a month-to-month package. Programs, for professionals or entrepreneurs, include, but are not limited to Brand Assessment, Brand Strategy, Brand Presence and Brand Management.

Career Coaching & Branding Packages

A Certified Career Coach is  your strategic partner  in helping you reach your desired professional goals. A coach helps to direct your path and guide you in overcoming challenges that may arise along your journey to career or business success.  Let OTM help you take action steps towards your new future! Career coaching packages are available for the following. Click the button to get started and we’ll help you identify which is best for you.

Career Clarity Strategy

Career Planning Package

Career Management Package

Career Transition Reinvention Package

Get Started on Managing Your Career

A Personal Brand Coach helps you identify, understand and preserve your personal brand to better leverage your skills, expertise and your marketplace value. Personal brand coaching packages are available for the following. Click the button to get started and we’ll help you identify which is best for you.

Define Your Brand Package

Design Your Brand Strategy

Personal Brand Management

Know Your Personal Brand? Get Started!

A Business & Branding Coach works in partnership entrepreneurs and businesses that are ready to increase their revenue and market presence. Business and branding packages are available for the following. Click the button to get started and we’ll help you identify which is best for you.

Business Coaching

Brand Your Business

Ready to Take the Market by Storm?


As a young professional, I never appreciated the value of working with a career coach until I’ve had the opportunity to work with Vaneese. Vaneese was an inspirational, knowledgeable, and professional mentor that guided me as I made some very important career decisions this past year. I left every session feeling energized, exhilarated, and excited about building my brand as a young professional and future lawyer. Vaneese has an uncanny ability to identify challenges to career growth and provided clear solutions to address these challenges. Vaneese has helped me improve my brand as I take my career to the next level.

In addition to being an excellent career coach, Vaneese is one of the nicest and friendliest people I’ve met. I always looked forward to our sessions and always felt inspired to be a better “me” after talking to her.

Working with Vaneese has been such a pleasure. The professional growth I’ve gained from working with her for just a few months has been tremendous. I highly recommend Vaneese to anyone looking for some guidance on how to take their careers to the next level. Lindsey T.

A For anyone making a career transition, Vaneese Johnson and On The Move Careers is an indispensable ally. Vaneese provided me with insightful counsel and expertise in repositioning my resume and accomplishments. Vaneese has an innate ability to clear out the clutter, whether it’s in your resume or thought process. Her optimistic and knowledgeable approach enabled me to focus on crafting a new and improved resume that confidently and accurately represents my skills for today’s challenging job market. Mark C.
Vaneese is a World Class Trainer/Coach with a phenomenal understanding of Professional Branding concepts, social media tools and new mobile applications for branding. I am happy to recommend Vaneese to anyone looking to strengthen their personal branding profile. Lisa J.
Vaneese has a gift: a lot of energy, an irresistible spark that draws you right in. She’s great fun and knows exactly what she’s talking about re: Professional Branding – the same principles used in product/service branding, including targeting, etc. But more personalized. And since my product/service is me: my voice, my personality and my production background, it was completely relevant to me right now as I am building my voice over business. I also felt in our brief chat after her talk that I was able to walk away with tips on ways I can continue to grow my brand. Dorian T.